Well, technically, yes, a belt is just a belt... But what if I told you this was like no other belt you've ever owned? Read on....

After a brief googling of looking for a particular bike part completely unrelated to the holding of ones trousers up above ones awfully rounded rear end. My surfing happened to net me an unusual link of Yaak Designs.

Now curiosity killed the cat and next thing I am looking at outdoor belts. My mind started to wander back to my last ride with the annoying digging feeling of my teenage era's tactical belt (I know, I know, they were cool back then okay?) pressing into my overly soft stomach that seems to fall in the most awkward position when riding a bike.

This belt sure looked like it was going to help with my overly beer reliant physique so where can I get one? MUST, GET, THIS BELT! Sadly, no dealers exist for this product here in NZ so I thought I'd try my luck and have a special order sent to me.

Marc was quick to reply from Lindarets, the parent company to Yaak and was happy to send me a sweet deal on shipping and a belt to an address out of the USA. Marc also explained they currently didn't have a distributor in NZ but for the sakes of you, I hope they can find one soon. It's now I should also note that Lindarets also have a few funky little biking accessories that they have partnered with Wolf-tooth components on so be sure to check em out.

Anywho, back to the belt. Yes, it's a belt... But, it's by far the BEST belt I have ever worn. The band is made from a wide 20% stretchable natural fibered elastic. The buckle itself is made up of carbon reinforced plastic and it's subtle design means it's super easy to clip and unclip even when your rushing to get that over hydration out. Due to the bands stretch, it moves when you do and in the right ways.

There's no more awkward digging, slipping of trousers/shorts or adjustments for different body positions and most of all, due to it's stretch when leant forward cycling, your pant tops are held snug into your derriere closing the door to the line of debris that finds it's way down your backside.

I never thought I would find a belt of all things to really rave about but trust me, I like this belt so much that it's found itself on me, even when the dress code calls for some formalities...