So you're on the blunt side of 30, your life consists of seeing thousands of reports, countless work emails, weekly project and resourcing meetings, nappies, kids toys and the mess of a family household. What do you do?

Occasionally you may be as lucky as I am to get out and explore, hunt, fish, ride and walk and with what little time you have, squeezing and stretching any extramural activities to the utmost minute before reality beckons.

Like me, you probably want to know exactly what, where and when you are going to be wishfully exploring before scrounging that leave pass or time-out well before you leave or even remotely think of leaving. You may also be lucky enough to have the world and your time at your whim?

Ruapehu Express 2016

I fit the above category to a tee. I crave adventure, I feed off new sights and some old. I am a self confessed adventure and outdoor junkie and often confused as a fat, hairy typical Kiwi male who has an overly active enthusiasm for pie's, bad food and beer but hell, we all do don't we?

I've mountain biked, hiked, dived and explored around the globe for as long as I can safely remember in places often desired by many. From the middle east to northern America and places in between I've experienced some of the worlds most desired adventure points but nothing has ever came close to what we have right here in NZ.

My goal from this is to hopefully share a few of my many experiences and shed some light on affordable products, great tracks, trails and rides. Some secret (and not so secret) fishing spots, dive sights and other hidden gems that aren't far off the beaten path. My blog is not about the best money can buy or how shmicky you are over your piers. It's about getting out there, enjoying it and harvesting the fruits the world and especially New Zealand has to offer.

I am by no means an athlete or Pro-Rider just simply an overly passionate mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast who's been around all aspects of adventure for many years. I've been involved with Coaching clinics and tutoring so have adapted this mentality to help the past life me's that share the same passion for the outdoors.

So welcome aboard my somewhat stagnant wording, amazing (hahaha, yeah ok...) photos and pathetic attempt to be "cool " and hopefully, I can relate to a few of you in some way in your adventures too.

Happy exploring,

Ben Haselden