Ever wanted to submit an article to an online magazine or publication but always been laughed at cause you're not part of the "group"? Trust us, we know how you feel!

We've been busy behind the scenes building a new community based blogging/article online platform that we hope to one day be able to pay our article submitters for. This will require more great stuff, lots of sweet edits and plenty of sponsorship opportunities for the budding blogger alike.

We're all about the outdoors, bikes, boats and bush. More so, we're all about community and the 'little guys' who make the outdoors really what it is. No big salaries here, no big ego's, no big paid endorsements. Just outdoor nuts doing what we do.

So with the above in mind and in the spirit of what we stand for, we're taking submissions from the greater good, you readers, for moderation and consideration to have your articles featured on our blog to have your opinion, review or NZ exploring tip made public.

We now need you, the community to get to join us and go find what makes NZ's outdoors the best in the world!

Some important points before you submit need to be addressed first though. These are:

  • Must be NZ based content if not a product review
  • Must be between 800 and 2000 words
  • Must have good quality photos available upon request
  • Must be your own work and not involve any copyright content.

Sound good? Great! Fill out the form here in RTF or something similar and we'll be in touch soon!

Ps. Please don't try submit photo's until we ask for them.