So you want to go bike packing?


What's that? You don't want to buy a steel rigid bike and go slowly? Yeah, us neither!

So this little list of gear is a beginners guide to doing a little bike packing with the luxury of staying in a well prepared hut, like the Old Ghost Road.

  1. Choose the right bag - I use my jack wolfskin, 25l hydration pack. I've found this brilliant pack (more so the volume) can accommodate enough room for my food, sleeping bag, jacket, and  spare clothes while still allowing you to have some freedom while riding.
  2. Clothing - Be Prepared! but dependent on your season, some of these items will change. I always carry a wind/rain jacket, merino under garments for sleeping/riding, liteweight shorts for the evening, the clothes you wear for day 1 and an extra set of riding gear. I always have a bandanna or head scarf in my kit too as this can double as a few things.
  3. Sleeping - I carry a micro bag which is rated to -5°. When in its cram bag, it squashes down to a small tube which is 100mm in diameter and 400mm long. it can fit into my 25l pack easily. I couple this with a small inflatable pillow which can also squash down to the size of an iPhone.
  4. Food - Everyone is different here. you know your body, and you know what your body needs. no guide on the internet will ever be deadly accurate.
  5. Extra's - Some of my musts for extras are:
  • Microfibre sports towel
  • Spare parts - brake pads, a couple of small bolts, tape and cable ties
  • Chamois butter/Chauffe cream! Self explanitory...
  • Glad bags - these are the cheapest lifeproof cases you will ever find.
  • Tools - apart from the usual bike repair tools, a good quality multi-tool is a must. Most of these have scrissors, a sharp knfe and other handy features
  • First aid kit - Don't ever go lite in this category. Everything can change in an instant so be prepared!
  • PLB - Personal locator beacons are an absolute must!

6.  Frame holders - I for one don't like the feel of a lot of equipment strapped to my bike and handlebars - I feel it restricts my bikes handling and hampers my feel of the entire rig. You may be different so try things out here...

7.  Practice! Thats right, try it all out before your first effort! I can't stress this enough. Last thing you want is to be trying to re-arrange it all 200m into your 50k epic....

So there ya go, I've likely missed some things here but hopefully this gives you a little insight into bike packing in a little more luxury (staying in huts, not tents). It is fun, it does give you an appreciation for a new style of riding and it'll either make you, or break you.