Normally, the term Shotgun can be associated with many different things. Some good, some debatable and some just down right not worth mentioning. In the interest of this article, we wont divulge too far off the intended subject and will keep this term well above board.

So, to call shotgun? Jump aboard as the front seat passenger obviously? The term originally from the American police days has become synonymous with road trips and teenage living. No one wants to be sitting in the back right? especially if you're little and cant see over the front seat....

This is where the brilliant device I thankfully have in my arsenal of Dad tricks comes into play. The Kids Ride Shotgun seat from believe it or not, Kids ride shotgun is a modern rendition on a traditional kids bicycle booster seat of sorts that puts your pride and joy front and centre in a position that reflects the term. Shotgun!!

Available in one size, this user intuitive, easily operated, adjusted and installed diverse little seat mounts on most bicycle down tubes and offers your little ones the experience of genuine mountain biking and bike control.

I have dabbled in other brands of similar designs but I'd always preferred this style as it gives your kids actual first hand experience of control, movement and thrills experienced on bikes. The seat you find which plonks your dearest far to close to your backside and over the back wheel often results in what I would imagine to be the boredom reflective of having to brush your teeth or pick up your lego after yourself when you're 3.

From opening the box to first riding, the process is quickly achieved and completed in a matter of minutes. The adjustability to suit all sorts of crazy top tube angles is available and the small, rubber protected mounting straps ensure most bikes will be kept safe from the abrasion and pressure. It's important to note here that not all bikes will fit between the mounting straps so best to check your top and down tube thicknesses to ensure it fits. (I’m referring to the bigger tubed carbon and e-bikes)

As my preferred bike is a cool, rad, material called steel, (so I keep telling my kids) the seat fitted magically to my bike making for some instantaneous fun with my 3 year old.

From pavement to placid grade MTB trails, the seat performs and offers a suitable level of padding for those little not yet padded bums us adults seem to be well equipped with. The ability to get your kids out on the trails early pays dividends for years to come with an introduction to easily one of the best sports of time.

So what really sets this apart? The ability to actually adjust it for one. I have seen a few different renditions of this style and often see them in some awkward, down right horrendous angle which affects both passengers on the bike. More so the poor person trying to pedal and stop the fate of the pending crash approaching.

Additionally, the strength of the seat is well made with quality materials and attention to detail is bang on with fitment tools also included in the box.

The other massive point of difference is the fact it's kiwi made! Made for kiwi conditions, by Kiwis for Kiwi kids!

This solid little addition to the stable gets a very well deserved, 2 thumbs up!